Working in healthcare settings can be stressful, not only because of the challenges presented by patients but also stresses relating to the management environment, pressures from regulatory bodies, stresses that arise from other colleagues, financial pressures, personal health issues and family worries.

Getting  sound  advice,  support  and  remedial  intervention  at  an  early  stage  is  in everyone’s best interest – healthcare staff, NHS employers, regulatory bodies and the public purse.

This is where DocSupport can help

Regulatory bodies often require staff such as doctors to ‘improve insight’, or to ‘show reflection’,  without  specifying  how this  can  be  achieved.  DocSupport  can  offer  a personal, tailor-made package for those cases where remedial intervention has been specified by a regulatory body or by an employer.

What we offer

  • Free initial consultation or meeting either by phone, by Skype or in person
  • Advice for dealing with NHS Trusts and other employers
  • Advice relating to legal options (but not legal advice as such)
  • Advice on psychological well-being, including any cognitive limitations
  • As appropriate, assessment of particular psychological or cognitive functions
  • Where it is indicated, a personal, tailor-made package will be prepared for those cases where remedial intervention has been specified by a regulatory body, or by an employer.
  • Longer-term support, if this is needed


What specific forms of support can we provide?

A range of support can be provided across a number of domains, including –

  • Training in relation to Insight
  • Training in relation to Reflection
  • Continuing Professional Development, including online learning
  • Language and communication skills
  • Memory and learning skills
  • Help in drafting letters and reports to employers, GMC, etc
  • Help in drafting cases for legal settings
  • Coping with stresses and pressures at work
  • Time management
  • Diagnostic and other forms of clinical decision making
  • Patient Safety

Helping Doctors in Need